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    Easy integration of useful web apps is at your fingerprints. No knowledge of code needed! Just copy and paste!
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    Free software for your website. We offer web applications that are easy to use!
    • News App
      Add news articles to your website!
      Fresh content is important to any website. This app will help keep your web content current.
      • Suggest Category
        Suggest a news category
        If you would like to see a new category to select from, please fill out the form on this page.
    • Exchange Rates
      Currency Exchange Rates - Add Exchange Rates to your website
      If you would like to have currency exchange rates on your website, we can help!
    • Contact Form
      Universal Contact Form - Add a contact us form to your website
    • Weather
      Add Weather to your website by zip or WOEID!
      Add weather to your site quickly and easilty with this code snippet.
    • Website Polling Service
      Website Polling - Is your site online?
      We will poll a website and let you know if it ever goes down.

WeatherWeather Conditions by Zip

Add the weather
to your website today, with one line.

Contact FormUniversal contact form

Add a contact form to your web site with this web app! Very simple!

Exchange RatesCurrency Exchange Rats

Add exchange rates
to your website today. Click to find out how!